Great service from Swiss Air

We just flew Swiss Air from Chicago to Zurich and Zurich to Budapest and unfortunately we needed a lot more service from the crew than is usually normal. My eight year old son got really sick during the flights. I was so impressed by the level of concern and care that he received from the flight attendants. They were truly concerned for him and wanted to be sure that he was okay.
The first flight attendant was so wonderful. She went to the first class cabin to get him a pair of jammies so that he could have clean clothes to wear. She got him water and tea. In the morning as we are landing another attendant made sure he had everything he needed and didn’t try rushing us out. All other passengers were also very gracious.
On the flight to Budapest he was also sick and the flight attendant once again exhibited professionalism and care. He gave us water, cleaning wipes and bags. He was kind and concerned.
Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the security personell at the Zurich airport. They were more concerned that the line moved efficiently (even though it wasn’t that long) than him. They made us rush through security while he was vomiting and then patted me down. I could not believe it. I told them the security measures were made for the people and that their procedures should take into account the comfort of the passengers. How cold and impersonal they were. The little sick eight year old was a threat to them.

Without these incidents, Swiss Air did just fine. The food was actually pretty good, they give you really yummy chocolates right before landing and there were several drink services. The chairs recline to a fairly good level. I did have 4 seats and I found that the arm rest doesn’t go up very much so you have to be careful when laying down. There isn’t that much room between rows so I think tall passengers would have as difficult a time in economy as they do in any other airline. As we were talking to another passenger she said that she frequently flies Swiss and prefers it to United. Another reason to like it is that it flies from Terminal 5 in Chicago. Much smaller and less busy. I highly recommend Swiss.

The service I received has made me ponder about the type of service that we receive. We are getting used to poor or tolerable service. Good service is almost a thing of the past and when we receive good service it is a pleasant surprise rather than the norm. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Let’s demand good service, especially for airlines. I think they’ll get a lot more passengers by treating us well than not.


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