Finding a great hotel

As a CPA I am MIA until April 15th.  But after tax season I usually go on a getaway with my husband.  It must be relaxing because I am exhausted, it must be romantic because I haven’t spent much time with him but it still must be exciting to make it worth my while.  Finally, we only have a few days.

This year I’ll be celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary.  So I wanted to plan something special for my husband.  Where could we go that fits all the criteria? London.

It’s one of our favorite cities in the world.  It is exciting, full of cultural events, restaurants and beautiful parks.  We went there for our 10th wedding anniversary, so it’s also nostalgic for us.

I’m excited to plan some great outings.  We are going to see the show War Horse.  The reviews say that the puppet horses come to life by the end of the show.  Plus we will see other musicals.

The problem with London and many other big cities is the cost of hotel rooms.  London I think is one of the most expensive places.  So how do you decide where to stay and how do you find the best prices?

Since this trip is meant to be a bit more romantic, I am looking for a fancier hotel.  So I’ve turned to different luxury discount websites.  I have found Splendia. com,,, in addition to the regular travel websites.  These websites provide you with a list of websites that are selected by their staff and provide some sort of deal.

I decided to use  I made the reservation for St. Ermin’s hotel in London.  I didn’t receive a confirmation right away so I had to call them to be sure it went through.  I think I got a good deal.  I received a executive king room with breakfast for about the same as their superior room.  Luxurylink also has an auction feature if you don’t have set dates.  But since I had already made airline reservations I paid more for the set dates.

Maybe next time I’ll try the other websites to see how they work.



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