London Day 6

Today was our last day in London so we had only a few hours to do some things we hadn’t had the chance to do yet.  We were only a couple blocks from Buckingham Palace and while we didn’t walk down to see it, we saw it from a distance.  At St James Park I had the opportunity to visit with a police officer.   They had a very entertaining article on the paper about the police and how they are supposed to be friendly to the crowds during the Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics.  They won’t have a day off for 70 days and will be working over time.  This particular officer said he won’t be like the dancing officer that has become an Youtube sensation but he’ll try being cheerful.  He was very nice to me.

This guard wasn’t as nice.  He didn’t even talk to me.

We had to do buy some things for our kids so we headed to Lillywhites in Piccadilly Circus.  They had every thing you’d ever want related to soccer teams.  Since our kids like Manchester United, Liverpool and New Castle United we were able to find great deals all in one place.  They also had great deals on t-shirts for the Olympics.  We were also able to find a great outdoor market near Piccadilly Circus that sold souvenirs and arts and crafts at great prices.  I felt much better buying from a nice older gentleman than from one of the many souvenir shops.  He was much more affordable and nicer.

We couldn’t finish our trip to London without stopping at Harrod’s.  I had committed to buying some golf gift sets for a golf outing.  But I was really disappointed to find out that it is much cheaper to buy it at the airport.  You don’t pay VAT and they had some great sales going on there.  Go figure.

But Harrod’s is a must see.  The Egyptian escalator makes you feel like a Pharaoh.  Plus the food hall is out this world.  I especially like getting some free samples of chocolates or other delicacies.  You can spend a whole day and a whole year’s salary here.  I wish they had made some of the special Jubilee fragances in travel sizes.  It smelled great and the bottle was beautiful but it just wouldn’t fit in my carry on.

Harrod’s and most other stores are all decorated in patriotic colors for the Jubilee.  I also think they’ll keep the Union Jack up for the Olympics.  Here are some pictures of Harrod’s windows.  Each vendor got to do a crown.  Some were made out of food, others out of jewels and others out of whatever.  Very fun.

We made our way to the airport after collecting our bags from the hotel.  We thought we’d need plenty of time due to the delay getting into London.  But we breezed right through.  Go figure.  We also went through security at Heathrow in about 5 minutes last year.  So we had plenty of time to sit in the departure lounge.  The good thing about the departure lounge at Heathrow is all the shopping.  All the fancy stores which I don’t shop at are there.  Plus there’s Harrod’s.  I was able to get some more the golf gift sets at a better price than at Knightsbridge.  There were some purses on sale and other Harrod’s merchandise at pretty good prices.  I guess I’ll leave my Harrod’s shopping to the airport.  But they only carry their merchandise and a small selection of other items there.  So if you wan to buy something specific you’ll have to go to their main store.

We ate some sandwiches from the bookseller but if you want to eat at a restaurants they do have some available.  Of course, airport prices apply.  Happy flying.


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