Lots of layovers

I have to make a confession,  I just went on my first trip with lots of long layovers.  The first one was a 7 hour layover in Detroit. That was long but that airport was actually okay. We ate a nice lunch at the Mediterranean grill then walked a lot.  It is a very long airport perfect for getting some exercise done.  Then we sat and watched a movie thanks to the half hour free wi-if and then read.  Overall it wasn’t a terrible experience. Our next layover was in Amsterdam. I liked that airport.  It had lots of shopping, some stores had some good sales even. Then upstairs they had fake trees and birds and some really comfy chairs.  Some of them were loungers that you could sleep.  They also had bean bags and science activities for kids and some exercise equipment.  How exciting it was to see that someone thought about the comfort of us poor people who travel coach. There is also a hotel which you can use overnight or even hourly but I don’t know the prices. Finally Athens was our last layover. It was the shortest only 2 hours but I had to get luggage (Yes I did check in this time due to all the layovers) and transfer to another airline and I knew that was going to take time.  However check in was super quick and then you go into the terminal where all the shops are and you do the security right before the gate.  Weird but it was quick.

Overall it wasn’t a bad experience. I think I slept more than I usually do because I took naps in each flight, rested in each airport and got to watch a whole season of Downton Abbey on my long flight. It beats running like an Olympic athlete from one terminal to the other so I don’t miss a flight because my first flight out off Ohare was delayed.  That’s life in Chicago


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