Corfu Day 3

I have to say that today we were so exhausted that we just sat around our condo for most of the day and slept.  We did enjoy our private spa with wonderful views of the sea.  After all this is a vacation and we should get some rest.

But if you know me, I can’t sit around all day. So we drove to Achilleon Palace.  It was built for Empress Sissi of Austria.  It is a lovely palace with some beautiful rooms on the ground floor, but not much furniture.  But the worthwhile part of this palace is its gardens with two wonderful statues of Achilles.  A must see if you are in Corfu.  Plus the views of the sea are awesome.

This palace has quite the history.  It was owned by Sissy and then Wilhenheim of Germany. Then it was a war hospital among other things.  It is funny how in war symbols of monarchy are used.

We ended our day with dinner in Bernitses in a cute little restaurant by the sea.  By the way today was our 21st wedding anniversary.  Not a bad place to celebrate.


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