Corfu Day 4

Today was quite the exciting day.  I got rear ended about 100 yards from my driveway.  I had heard that when driving in Greece you should assume that you are the only person who actually passed a driving test since everyone there just bribes the tester.  Well, this proved true today. 

The roads in Corfu are uneven ( nice way of saying bad).  Some spots are rather narrow with barely enough room for one car, let alone two.  So you have mirrors and you honk your horn a lot.  I was coming to one of those narrow spots when I heard a truck honk his horn and I saw him on the mirror so I stopped.   The guy behind me was flying down the road and didn’t.  So started my day with a car accident.  I was glad that for once in my life I had purchased the extra insurance.  So I got to spend time at the police station Bernitses.  What can I say about the police?  They go at their own speed.  It seems like they spend a lot of time and energy running around the station doing nothing, looking for paperwork.  But they were polite and got us out of there quickly (for Greek standards).  Since no one was hurt we were relieved.

Only the bumper got damaged, but the other car didn’t fare as well.

We didn’t let a car accident spoil our day.  We went to Paleokastrista.  It was quite the drive through mountain passes but we were so richly rewarded.  Before you get to the beach you have some amazing views and even some spots where you can stop to take pictures.

Once we got to the beach we went on a boat ride.  It was only 10E each.  We got to see the Blue Eye,  the Pink Grotto and other beautiful caves with brilliant blue waters and the beautiful beaches around.  A must do.  The boats depart every few minutes from the dock and are a great way to see the scenery.  The beach is very pebbly so not a great place to enjoy the sun. 

However, Glifada beach is not too far (the same side of the island and a bit further south).  This beach is amazing.  It is sandy and there are virtually no waves so you can walk a long ways and still only have water chest high.  There were tons of fish swimming around you.  There are some tavernas and only a few hotels since it is rather mountainous around it.  This was by far one of my favorite times on the island.  It was so fun to just lay around the beach and enjoy the sun, sand and the water.

Today we had dinner in Benitses once again.  We went to a restaurant that doesn’t look very great on the outside but it was great inside.  It is called Big Bite.  It is right on the beach so we sat outside and just enjoyed the seaview with our dinner. We had some local specialties that we delicious and pretty affordable.  We also walked around Benitses and saw some of the local shops. 


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