Shoe Shopping in Brazil

One thing that I always do in Brazil is go shoe shopping.  I have a strict limit of buying no more than 10 pairs per trip.  Yes, Brazil is a shoe lover’s paradise.  It has become harder to purchase shoes in Brazil because most malls now all have the same stores but there are at least 10 shoe stores in each mall you go.  So you should be able to find something.

In the past I’ve had better luck buying shoes in smaller towns such as Nova Friburgo in Rio de Janeiro.  But this time I had to limit my buying to Sao Paulo.  I like shopping in Moema.  There are lots of small boutiques and Shoestock.  It is a must stop in a shoe shoppers pilgrimage.  It separates all its shoes by size, but I’ve always had better luck finding one of a kind shoes on the third floor clearance.  The prices are better and you will find different shoes there.  We also stopped by the Melissa store.  Do you remember the jelly shoes from the 80s?  Well, they were made by Melissa.  But they are all grown up now.  All the shoes in this store are made of rubber.  My daughter bought some adorable flip flops with a big glitter bow.  I bought 3 inch high sandals.  And yes, it’s all made of rubber.  Finally some shoes you won’t have to worry about getting ruined in a rain storm.

You can walk to Shopping Ibirapuera from there.  As with any mall, there are many different stores.  My son especially liked going to the Corianthians soccer team store there.  They have everything to outfit a soccer fan.

My sisters took me to several other malls.  The best part was the shoe shopping on Black Friday.  Yes, they have it in Brazil.  I was able to purchase some really cute shoes for a really good price.

I’ve found that shoes are not a lot cheaper in Brazil than you’d find at TJ Maxx or Macy’s but the shoes are different than what you’d get here and they are cheaper than what you’d pay at a more upscale store in the US.

Here’s what I brought home:

Look what I got in Brazil!!!

Look what I got in Brazil!!!

  • Top Red: Melissa shoes about 3 inches high and made of rubber
  • Top Green: some cute mid heel open toe mint suede shoes
  • Top Purple: some awesome 4 inch high purple suede sandals
  • Top white: Off white patent shoes with a zebra fur toe and bow and black heels
  • Front peach: Shoestock mid heel sandals with a mesh side
  • Front red: Luz da Lua red suede open toe shoes with a cute out heel with a gold band on it  (the picture does not do it justice)
  • Front white: off white open toe spectators with a leopard print heel
  • Front tan: taupe colored quilted ballerina shoes

I’ve found that this trip the heels were a lot shorter.  Last time I had to forego some shoes because I can’t wear 4 inches all day.  I’ve also found a great deal of variety. It was hard limiting myself to only 9 pairs.  (I also bought a pair of cheap sandals for the beach.  And bought my daughter a pair of sequined ballerina flats and a silver high heel with a black velvet bow).

My flight was delayed by 24 hours so we were forced to stay at a hotel near the Sao Paulo (Guarulhos) airport.  It is an ugly, poor part of town but I was lucky to find a shoe store next to our hotel.  I have to say it was the nicest shoe store I’ve ever stepped into.  It was hard containing myself.

The store had a huge selection of fine shoes and accessories.  Like any other good store in Brazil they will serve you water, guarana or cafezinho so that you are comfortable while you shop.  Here’s a picture of some of the shoes I didn’t get.  😦

brazil 160brazil 159brazil 157brazil 155


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