This was my first trip to Arizona. I had been through Arizona but hadn’t ever gone there. The one must do thing on my Arizona sight-seeing list was going to Sedona. We had a big argument at our house “how can we go to Arizona and not go to the Grand Canyon?” But I prevailed since I hadn’t been to Sedona and I have been to the Grand Canyon.

The drive from Phoenix is really pleasant and the highway is good. Before you get to Sedona there are a couple little towns that get you in the Sedona mood. They have arts and craft studios, organic restaurants and touristy places. Sedona seems to be the bigger of the towns and it has a hippie/new age vibe to it. You can get your aura read or a psych reading, do hot or naked yoga while sipping organic drinks and eating your organic vegan sandwich. Don’t forget that you can attend several different churches including a cowboy church. It is a fun place to visit because it is so different from the conservative small Midwest town I live.

But we didn’t go to Sedona to shop even though I did get a vegan organic sandwich while there. (My kids ate at Mc Donald’s because it had a green sign. They were disappointed that it was the same old McD’s)

Before getting to Sedona you should stop by the ranger station and get a parking permit so you can go hiking. The rangers will also give you maps and direct you to which hikes they think you will enjoy. Because we were travelling with children the ranger told us to go on a couple different hikes, see the view from Airport road and take a scenic drive. However, because it was Easter weekend it was very crowded and we skipped some things because the lines were just too long. One thing that I am glad we waited in line for was the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a catholic church built on the rocks with gorgeous views.

Here are some pictures of beautiful Sedona. Enjoy:








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