To Pisa or not to Pisa

I have to admit that I didn’t want to do the cliche this trip and simply go to Pisa to mark off seeing the leaning tower.  But I couldn’t resist being so close to it and not going.  And I am so glad I did go.

Seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa was a moving experience.  It was beautiful and I am glad I did check this off my must do list.  The reason it is in everyone’s must do list is that it is really cool. The square of miracles has the tower, the cathedral and the baptistry besides some museums.  All the buildings were built in similar style and are quite beautiful.  It costs to go to the tower and the bapstistry but it is free to go to the cathedral but you need to get a timed ticket.


The best part is seeing everyone taking silly photos in front of the tower which I have to admit I also did. I would recommend that you go to Pisa in the afternoon like we did because by then the tour buses have left and while there were quite a few tourists, I did not feel it was crowded.

But I have to admit that my favorite part was walking from the train station to the tower.  It is quite a long walk (about 20 minutes) but it is through the main shopping district.  So you can window shop or shop (but I’d recommend doing it on the way back).  It was fun seeing all the fashions and the prices seemed to be quite good.  It was also fun seeing the locals interact and seeing what they buy.  Near the tower there are all the souvenir shops for the tourists.  Next time I think I’ll spend some time here and just go shopping and enjoy this lovely city on the Arno.  I am pretty sure there are more things to do besides the famous sites.  I just have to find it.

Also for those trying to get to Florence it is sometimes cheaper to fly into Pisa and take the bus.


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