Second road trip

We made it from Illinois to New Orleans. We stopped in Blytheville Arkansas for the night and they have more mosquitoes than people. You can now connect the dots. Awful. Plus the motel had very loud guests that kept everyone awake and the non smoking rooms wreaked of cigarette smoke.

But we did stop in Memphis for lunch. I wanted to eat a real Memphis bbq. So we stopped at Central bbq. I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed by this casual bbq joint. The food was great and the casual vibe fit the place perfectly. But I have to say that the best part was the location. It is across the street from the Lorraine Motel. Yes, where Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated.

Wow what a pleasant surprise. I’m so glad we stopped to see it. It feels like hollowed ground. Such a sad historic place. It was wonderful seeing people of all races going to the museum. May we all learn to live in peace together as brothers and sisters.

One cool thing about this trip is that I got to visit some new States: Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. That only leaves Alabama and New England States, Hawaii and Alaska off my list.

Next comes our New Orleans adventure. Stay tuned.

First road trip of the summer

I find that if I don’t blog about something right away I don’t get around to it. So you’ll never hear all about Florence because I simply didn’t do it.

Our first road trip this summer was to Utah. If you’ve ever taken I-80 you will know that it isn’t the prettiest or most exciting road. Plus it’s so far to Utah from Illinois that you have to push hard. We were going to a wedding. We had to drive because my niece didn’t get her invitations out in time for us to buy airline tickets. So we drove Thursday and Friday to attend the Saturday wedding and then again Sunday and Monday.

I did come across two new hotels that I liked. Amercinn is a good road side motel. Clean with the standard breakfast. Nice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money because all you’re getting are some zzz.

The second was the new Hilton brand H2. What a cute hotel, much like the Springhill Suites. It’s a family friendly extended stay green hotel. It is very modern, very green and has all the amenities you want such as a pool, great exercise room and free laundry. My favorite part was the breakfast. It had buckwheat waffles, yogurt, fruit, whole wheat egg white turkey sausage sandwiches, plus other healthy choices. I like hotels that aren’t stuffy but still provide you with what you need plus what you want too.

Lastly I can’t finish this post without shouting out about the food we ate. We are big In-N-Out fans so we take the opportunity to eat at one. The other must in our list is Cafe Rio. Yum. Mission accomplished.

Finally I have to say that the wedding was lovely. It was held by a Creek in Big Cottonwood canyon. The lunch was at a picnic area and it was amazing. Don’t need much when you have such beautiful scenery.

Finally you can’t travel I-80 and not get your ice cream cone at Little America.