Ireland Day 2

Breakfast in an Irish B&B is delicious and plentiful. Pierce gave us poached eggs and bacon and pancakes  respectively. Plus scones, yogurt, fruit and cakes.  I wanted to stop at the Rock of Cashel but we didn’t have time because we wanted to go to church which was all the way in Cork. I was stupid and didn’t look up the address before coming so I had to ask at a hotel.  They simply told me Satterfield  Road.  We had a hard time finding it but it is on the corner with Eagle  Dr behind a funeral home. It is always great to attend a branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  There are some old members but several new members who have their testimonies burning bright. We stopped at a supermarket and got some fruit, the grapes here are amazing. We also bought lots of Mars bars for our daughter and Cadbury’s for our son.  They love European chocolate.  It is different from what we have in the US. On our way to our next stop I decided to stop at the Muckross House.   Our GPS was set to shortest so it took us through this small road with a great loch.


Muckcross House is a beautiful Victorian mansion with many luxurious rooms. It has the distinction that it hosted Queen Victoria and Prince  Albert right before he died.  They prepared for the visit for six years.  The room where the Queen slept was even fitted with a fire escape. The gardens are beautiful.


The house sits in the Killarney National Park.   It was Ireland’s first national park.   The last family that owned the house donated the land to the Republic for conservation.  It is the only place that there still is a herd of native red deer. Our next B&B was in Killorgin.  After checking in,  we drove to town in search of a restaurant.   We were most rewarded in our quest. We dined at the amazing Sol y Sombra.  It is a Spanish tapas restaurant in an old converted Church of Ireland chapel.  They kept the stained glass windows, the pulpit and the benches are used a seating.  Plus the food was fantastic.  What a wonderful meal in a beautiful place.

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