Ireland Day 4- Dingle Peninsula and the Cliffs of Moher

We were on a row and couldn’t miss any sight seeing opportunity so we left our B&B early and went to the Dingle Peninsula.  It is much smaller than the ring of Kerry but equally as beautiful. I liked that there seemed to be more places to stop but also all of them charged so it can add up really quickly. Decide what you want to see before going so you can budget for it.

Dunbeg Fort is pre-historic fort.  It has beautiful views of Dingle Bay.


Just a little past the fort there are some famine cottages.  The thing that amazed me was that the life of the Irish peasant did not improve much from the stone age until the time of the potato famine.  They still subsisted, lived in very small stone cottages and were so dependent on what they produced.  If anything happened, they would perish.  That is what happened in the 1840s.


Each one of these attractions were 4 Euro each per person.  The views are simply amazing.  Everywhere you look it’s a postcard.

DSC01220 DSC01228

We stopped at the Gallarus Oratory.  It is a stone church that is about 1300 years old.  The amazing thing about it is that it is still standing.  They really knew how to build with stone back then.


To tell the truth after the oratory, I was ready to move on.  I’ve had enough sight seeing for a while.  So we drove north to Killimer.  The cool part was that to get there, you need to take a ferry.  We got to the ferry when it was almost full so we barely pulled in and it was going.  It was so fun to take a ferry.  It was a bit expensive (18 Euros) but so worth it because it saves so much time.  It was really windy but we still enjoyed the bay.


The Cliffs of Moher are a must do on everyone’s list. They are simply amazing.  No wonder they are the most visited sight in Ireland.  You enter the visitor’s center through the parking lot.  There are displays and videos in the center but nothing compares to the cliffs.

The part that is included in the visitor’s center fee is well maintained and it has nice lookouts and walls.  The steps are nice and gradual and you get great views of the cliff.  However, the cliffs go on for about 5 miles.  You have the option of hiking along the cliffs.  This is where you get some of the more amazing views of the cliffs.  But the trails do not have protective walls and you are walking fairly close to the edge.  This normally would not be a problem for careful hikers.  The only problem is that over here there are some very powerful wind gusts that can pick you up. Walk slowly, be careful and aware of the weather and you will enjoy breathtaking views.  I was so inspired that I even bought watercolors so I could paint what I saw.

DSC01259 DSC01271 DSC01274 DSC01279 DSC01281 DSC01288 DSC01291

Once again the Irish weather amazes me.  We had beautiful sunshine, strong rain, hail and terrible wind in the small amount of time we spent here.  How can you ever prepare for all that?

Oh, one cool thing on the way out of the visitor’s center there is a meditation room.  It is just a quiet room, with some soothing music, a small fountain and great views.  It was nice to take a few minutes after running so much to just close my eyes and relax.  Too bad the wind was almost opening the door.


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