Days 5- Galway

We arrived in Galway last night.  Our B&B is at the end of Salthill so it’s a bit of a ways from Galway but probably the perfect spot during the summer because of the nice path right by the beach.

I really enjoyed that Galway does not have that much to do.  We needed a day to just relax a bit and not feel like we have many things to see.  We just walked around downtown, with lovely medieval streets.  There are lots of restaurants and stores but not so much that you can’t enjoy it.  There is also the Spanish Arch and the Galway City Museum.  All  done without too much trouble and without too much effort.  And I had time to take a much needed nap in the afternoon.

One thing I have to say about Galway was how much we enjoyed all our meals here.  The first one was at the Galway Golf Club.  It was right next door to our B&B and they had really good prices and huge portions.  I had a seafood bake and it was fantastic.

For lunch we ate at The Skeff.  It is at Eyre Square and when you come in, it looks so serious because of all the carving and the upholstered chairs but it is actually pretty laid back.  You order your food at the counter and they deliver it or if you want something more, you can get food from the carvery.  We just had paninnis and soup.  It was the perfect amount of food.  I really liked that we could just sit and relax in the really comfortable seats for a while.  They have music and football (soccer) games in the evening.  It would be a great place to watch games because the seats are so comfy.

20150520_081356 20150520_081407

For dinner we were so lucky to find The Dough Bros.  It’s a new Galway restaurant.  Just a year ago, some brothers started a food truck selling wood fired pizza.  It was so successful that they were able to open their own restaurant in just a year.  I think it’s only been open for a little while but it is awesome.  They make some really good pizza.  Their menu is limited but they make everything in house.  I had the Chicken Ceasar pizza and my husband had the Neopolitan.  Both were excellent but I think I liked the Neopolitan a little better.  The decor is hipster chic– they had all their friends help set up the building in a few days so some of the tables are wire spools and others and mismatched tables and chairs.  It just adds to the ambiance and how it is a family business.

I really hope they succeed because if someone works hard, has a good product and good service with some guidance they can be a very successful business.

20150520_150048 20150520_150042 20150520_145337 20150520_145320 20150520_145312 20150520_145305


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