Always looking out for travel bargains

I came across this article suggesting different travel spots that are more affordable than usual on

It suggests you now look into traveling to:

  1. Europe because of the cheap Euro
  2. Russia because of the cheap Ruble
  3. Brazil because of the cheap Real
  4. Colombia because of the stable society
  5. South African Safari also because of the strong dollar

I love all these suggestions and I agree that you can get  great deals on airfare right now and some really good deals on hotels.  Might I suggest some places that are on my radar.  (I really like the Mediterranean so most of my suggestions are for there)

  • Morocco- I was able to get a really good deal for airfare and great deals on hotels plus it looks like a really affordable country.
  • Israel- I have always been hesitant to travel there but every one seems to think that right now is one of the safest times to travel plus the airfares are pretty cheap.
  • Turkey- from Chicago you can get really good prices for travel there and you can continue on to other destinations, even though Turkey is my favorite vacation spot.  The weather is mild, there are several different places to visit and the food is fabulous.
  • Brazil- I was able to find round trip tickets to Iguassu Falls from Chicago for $375.  While Brazil is on the list above, you will get even better deals by going some place other than Rio.
  • I would love to go to Greece right now but because it is really unstable I don’t think it would be a fun vacation.  You’d have to pack your own food and bring lots of cash but right now is the time to look into buying real estate there.  People who have a vacation home want to sell for hard cash and bargains will be available.

So don’t wait book your next vacation, now you can enjoy it even more.  Where are you headed next?


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