South Dakota is Cool!!


Our first stop and third state in our great road trip was South Dakota.  It could be a really boring state but someone, somewhere found ways to make this state a must visit place.  (Personally I like North Dakota better but then I am one of the few people who have been there).

Take for instance Mitchell.  It is a small farming community without any spectacular scenery, but some very smart people decided to decorate their community center with corn husks and corn cobs.  You get the Mitchell Corn Palace.  It is a cool and corny place.  People come from all over the world to see it.  We stopped there and enjoyed the creativity.  They change the decoration every year and it is amazing to see what can be done with corn.

Wall Drug is a must stop.  You get free water!  That is how they got people to stop by during the depression, by offering free water.  Now it is the quintessential tourist trap.  You can see a dinosaur, eat a buffalo burger, and buy every souvenir you can imagine there.  But is a thing you must do if you are driving on I-80.

Mt. Rushmore is a wonder and I think every American should make the trip to see it.  It is near the Badlands which are also beautiful and in the middle of the Black Hills.  You can spend several days here exploring the scenery.  You can also visit Crazy Horse Memorial.  It has become a big tourist spot with several different attractions to capture your attention and dollars.  My husband always threatens to take me to the Reptile Gardens (I am deathly afraid of snakes).  You can also see bears, go to a mine and zip lining.

Sturgis is another town that doesn’t have anything great about it but they created a huge destination.  Every biker must go to the Sturgis rally some time in their lives.  The ingenuity of the people who came up with these destinations amazes me.  They were able to create a destination out of nothing.  It works because I was there and I am glad we drove through South Dakota.


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