Cannes is one of France’s most beautiful seaside towns.  It is rich, glitzy and full of famous people.  But it was the hardest time during my son’s mission, he had a very difficult companion.  So it really surprised me when he insisted in visiting Cannes on a Sunday.  But the people at church had seen how bad he was feeling and took good care of him.  Plus it didn’t hurt that his “son” (missionary he trained) was serving there.

After going to church our son deserted us at the waterfront on Boulevard de la Croisette.  I can’t think of a better place to be left alone to explore.  It was a very hot day and we soon found out why everyone wears hats.

The Cote D’Azur gets its name from the brilliant blue waters.  It is amazing and the fancy yachts simply reinforce the fact that you are in a fancy town.  Of course Cannes is known for its film festival. The Palais de Festival is right on the heart of the old town.  Around it there are the hands of famous actors, movie cut outs and posters.  It is a fun place.

Our first stop though was to get some ice cream.  There are several places to get ice cream and with the temperate being as high as it was, they were all packed.  There was also a lovely marche de pulges on the large boulevard.  One thing my kids saw was a tank with sailboats that could be pushed with a stick.  This reminded them of doing the same in Paris when they were little.

We then ate at a small non descript cafe just at the foot at the Le Suquet, Cannes old town.  We climbed the hill to the top and had the most amazing views from the courtyard of Tour du Mont Chevalier.  I could stay there and see the beautiful bay forever.

Going down you have the chance to meander through some quaint old streets, with ancient buildings and beautiful flowers.  You can also see one of the places where the man in the iron mask was held.

Our final stop was seeing the beach, Place de la Croisette.  It was very busy with both sightseers, bathers and a lot of peddlers.  Next time we’ll have to spend a day on the beach.

Cannes is a really great stop on the French Riviera.  You are close to Nice and about 1.5 hours from Monaco and about 1.5 hours from Aix.

We picked up our son by Valbonne.  It is a lovely town on the mountains.  It has a big art fair on Sundays and several big restaurants and spas.  If I had to live near Cannes, I think I would prefer living here.  It is more rural but only minutes from town.  My son always said that Cannes and Le Cannet had a lot of old buildings (mid century old) and all the residents were old people.  It is where the rich retire and I can’t blame them. It’s lovely.



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