Photo Shoots in Paris

It is not only for super models.  Paris is the perfect place to have your photos taken.  Recently my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary so I decided that we should finally have some pictures taken.  I contacted Karina Leigh from Picture Me Paris and she was a delight to work with.  She emailed me a lot of suggestions about what we could do, poses, time restraints, cancellation policy and weather related concerns. We were lucky that the weather was nice but Paris is still very romantic even in the rain.  You can have your pictures taken under bridges, umbrellas or from some nice indoor places with a view.

Having a photo shoot is now super popular with Asian brides.  We saw several while we were taking pictures and they go for many hours with many wardrobe changes.  Our photographer wonders if some people go to Paris only to have their pictures taken.

We booked a two hour shoot which allowed us to do 2 sites.  Of course we chose the Eiffel Tower.  We met at the Trocadero metro station where you get some of the nice distance shots.  Then we walked to a nearby street and a bridge.  I couldn’t imagine what Paris would be like without the Eiffel Tower and I am so glad we took some pictures.


Picture of Eiffel Tower from Trocadero

I wanted to go to the Louvre since it was evening but our photographer said her favorite place was Notre Dame so we took a cab there.  I am glad we went to this other Paris landmark.  We took several pictures around the church and by the Seine.

Notre Dame

Our picture by Notre Dame

It was a great experience and we got some pictures that we will cherish for a long time.

I suggest that you wear comfortable shoes because we still had to walk a lot.  Be sure you pick the sites you want to have pictures from.  It takes about one hour for each site so plan accordingly.  Have fun.  You will have some great memories.


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