Saving in Paris

Paris is a wonderful place but it is one of the most expensive cities in the world.  For this trip I tried saving some money by buying a dinner on Groupon.

First you need to go to to see what deals they have available.  It is in French so you will either need to know how to read French or rely on a translation service.  There are many offers in Paris and for several other cities in France.  Be sure you read all the requirements and that you will be able to fulfill them.  I found that most of the restaurants and other offers required you to make a reservation for a certain date and time.   It is not very flexible.

We went to Chez Francoise and were able to buy a meal for two for 39,90€ which is normally 66 €.  It was a savings of 40%.  I was able to make a reservation for one of the nights we were there and everything went well.

The restaurant was a bit tricky to find and we got there a little bit before our 19 hrs reservation but since it was the time it opened they didn’t let anyone in until then.  When we arrived they checked our reservation and asked for our coupon and quickly seated us.  I noticed that most of the people near us were taking advantage of the same offer.  It was great seeing all the different plates available.

The wait staff was very efficient as they probably have many people using this coupon each night.  One thing was that they managed to give me the wrong plate for each course but it was okay because whatever I got was really good in the end.  We had some appetizer, my husband had sword fish and I had chicken and then a great dessert.

paris meals

Overall I would highly recommend getting meals or tours through Groupon for your Paris trip.  You will have to fit the time you scheduled and if it can fit your schedule it is a great way to save some money and maybe try some other places.

I was going to buy a segway tour but the days I was there sold out quickly.  Some other restaurants also good deals and I wanted to do them but wasn’t sure of our schedule for the other days.  There were also several hair cut and color coupons.  Maybe next time I will come home with a make over.  If your schedule allows try some groupon savings in France.



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