Dream of Traveling

I love to travel.  Quite frankly it’s the main reason I work.  I feel that if I work hard I get the privilege of rewarding myself with a trip.

My favorite trip is the next one I am going to take.  It seems like my trip starts before I board the plane.  First, I love finding good airfare deals.  Second, I like reading all the reviews about the hotels where we’ll be staying or looking for just the perfect one.  Lastly, I love finding out about all the exciting places we’ll be visiting.  So my trip begins in my mind long before I even know I will be traveling.

I also don’t usually care where we go.  I just love going to new places.  I think that’s why I usually find good airfare deals.  I might be planning to go to Paris but I can just as easily end up in Madrid because it’s a better deal.  Unless we have a solid reason for being in a place, being somewhere else is just as good.

I love to experience new places.  And it seems to me that going only once is usually not enough for me.  Usually my husband and I take a vacation by ourselves every year.  Than those places that are special to us, get a second visit, usually with our kids.  Of course, we haven’t been able to get to as many places with our kids as we would like to, but they are already world travelers.

They already dream of traveling.  They have a list of places where they would like to visit and what they would like to do there.  That is why dreaming of traveling makes you a different person.  A person who is walking in a different country, eating a different food and talking to new people even though you are still home.