Corfu day 2

For our first full day Corfu we decided to walk around the old town to see what the Venetians, British and Greeks have each contributed to make this island so fascinating.   We went on the walk by this website: It is a lovely walk that takes you through all the main sites in a couple hours.  It is difficult to follow at times mainly because the streets are alleys can be confusing to follow and don’t follow any order.  It starts through the beautiful outdoor market. All the fruits and vegetables, exotic looking fish and lots of candied kumquats are to be had.   Then on to the New Fort with its iconic Lions of St. Mark guarding it.  Because most of the fort was still closed the guards let us in for free.  It is typical fort with strong walls and beautiful views, cells and narrow windows. It is a cool respite from the heat and the reward for climbing it is the amazing views.   There is cute church and an active synagogue near the fort.  From Spilia Square you pass through one of the city gates.  It is weird concept for us in modern times but you can feel the security they brought to the inhabitants.

The Orthodox Cathedral is a beautiful example of an Orthodox Church.  It has beautiful icons, lots of silver chandeliers and a relic-  the forearm of Saint Theodora. Then we see one of the beautiful Venetian wells. It looks like something you’d see in a square in Venice.   The buildings nearby were built during Venetian times and look beautiful.

Walking around the sea wall is exciting.  Be sure to avoid all the crazy drivers.  You walk past several museums that you can choose to visit if you’d like.  I chose to just walk around the town.  Finally you pass through an an arch beside the Palace of Saint Michael and George into the Liston.  This is the British contribution to the island.  The palace was the head of the government and the square where they hung youth for tea and played cricket. It is a very lovely area with lots of cafes and people.  Finally we reach the Old Fort.  It is much bigger than the old one but it looks newer too.  It is because the. British used it extensively and added to it.  The top seems to be so high but it is not too bad a climb.  The view from the top is amazing. There is a light house on the very top and it is not hard to imagine that once upon a time it was needed. The walk meanders a bit through the park and a few streets but that is tax far as I could follow.  It was a lovely morning and we got to see everything we wanted.  We did find the Church of Saint Spyridon.  This the main church on the island as it has the mummified remains of the island’s patron saint. The shops nearby were rather amusing.  On one side they sold religious items and across they sold worldly items.   Something for everyone.

All this walking gave us an appetite.  We ate at Pane and Souvilaki.  We had a green salad and a huge mixed grill for two (could have fed three easily) for a very good price.  Highly recommended.

Then our adventure began.  We picked up our rental car and had to find hotel.  Driving in Greece takes a lot of courage. They make the Italians look like they are good drivers. The roads are uneven, the people don’t follow the rules and the GPS doesn’t always recognize the names you are entering (they can be spelled in so many different ways). But we made it.

We are staying at the Palms and Spas in Mesongi. It is a rather small place but so nice.  We have a bedroom, living room/kitchen and bath.  But it’s the terrace that makes this place special.  We have our own private spa overlooking the sea and a wonderful daybed.  Very romantic. One thing about the location is that the nearby taverna was rather expensive.  I hate it when they nickel and dime us.

Corfu day 1

I was glad when we checked into the Siorra Vittoria Hotel in Corfutown. It is a cute small hotel in the center of town. They upgraded us to superior room, which was small but tastefully decorated in cream tones. We ate Corfiot specialties at a nearby restaurant. I ate Pasticia which is a pasta with veal in a spicy sauce and George ate Sofrito which is beef in a white sauce. Both dishes have the same spices as a base but they couldn’t tell me the name in English.  

It is Easter week in Greece and Corfu is known for its celebrations. We saw a concert at a church featuring some wonderful classical music.  It was broadcast to the nearby square. They also have a day in which they break pots and several processions. But bed was all I was looking for after traveling for so long.