I want to go to Morocco.  It’s always been a dream.  But I am also a cheap skate and won’t pay full prices.  I also don’t like to go on tours but I do want to see several cities and don’t know how to proceed.

Doing some research on air prices, it’s a lot cheaper to fly to Madrid and then buy a separate ticket to Morocco.  It’s about the same price flying into Casablanca and out of Marrakesh.  So that would eliminate some back tracking. 

One of my must dos is spending a night in a Bedouin tent.  Sounds like a cheesy tourist thing but I would like to see the stars away from light, smell the desert and see a sunset over sand dunes. 

I also want to go to Marrakesh, Casablanca and Fez.  Pretty ambitious for only about 8-9 days.  So I’ll have to do some more research, see what is feasible.  List my priorities and make my plans.    I’m so excited.  It will take many hours of research, but I think I will be able to combine my need for independent travel with information provided by travel agents. 

One tour operator that always seems to have really good itineraries is Intrepid Travel.  While I have not ever used them, their Morocco tours seem good. 

I think the reason I am torn is because Morocco is so foreign.  They speak Arabic.  Some of the places we’d be visiting would be off the beaten path.  I guess this is the normal fear people have when traveling to distant lands.  I shouldn’t feel this way because I am a seasoned traveler but Morocco thrills and scares me.

When I have spoken to some people they said that they just found travel agents in Morocco who were able to help them.  Others said that they would just drive to a village and find a ryiad.  But because we would be going with our children, I guess I feel the need to have more things planned.

If you’ve been to Morocco could you please share your experience with me?  Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.