Salvador for the first time

I have to admit that I’ve tried getting to Salvador before but wasn’t really successful.   I made reservations for San Salvador instead.   But this time I made reservations for the right city and country.  We flew Azul Airlines from Sao Paulo.   I really liked this airline.   They have in-flight  entertainment and some really yummy snacks.   It think it’s a sister airline to JetBlue.

We stayed at the Monte Pascoal Praia Hotel at the Barra beach.   The hotel was okay.  It was clean,  it had a great location and really good breakfast.   I didn’t like that there were no connecting rooms and there were no pool or beach towels or hand towels.   The beds were a little firm but not uncomfortable.   There was a large screen tv and several English channels.

Brasil 227

I loved the breakfast.   It had all the usual items such as breads,  ham,  cheeses, cereal,  eggs but in addition there were tons of tropical fruits,  local dishes such as cuscus, tapioca cake and bolinho de estudante.  My favorite was that every day there was a different type of juice.  I liked having the chance to try exotic juices on my own. I really liked cocoa, caja, umbu not so much and liked mixing acerola with orange juice.

The best thing is that this hotel is beach front and it has a nice little pool for night swimming. Every morning I’d run on the beach.  Then I joined one of the many exercise classes available.  I paid only R$15 for an hour of personal training.   They worked me really hard and did something different every day.   I will miss it so much.   The only thing is that I don’t think the trainers speak English.   If you prefer a group class there were several available that have circuits.

Brasil 221

My kids really liked this beach.   The shoreline in Bahia is very rocky but this beach has some nice swimming spots.  Like everywhere else in Brazil you can rent chairs and umbrellas and order food and drinks.   Too bad the hotel doesn’t provide this service.

Brasil 215