Back from Brazil (almost didn’t make it)

I will be posting several things about our latest trip to Brazil but I had to comment on my flight back from Sao Paulo.  It was a nightmare.  I didn’t think I was ever going to get home to Chicago.  

We were on the Sunday flight and every thing seemed to be going okay until the crew came to the gate and just sat there and sat there and sat there.  After a long time they simply left because they were told that the flight was cancelled way before we were.  Of course by then all the other flights to the US had already departed.  Thank you United!!!!

So we have to go back through passport control, get our bags, get in a gigantic line to get our vouchers and get rebooked.  I called the customer service line and they got me another flight on Copa through Panama better than the airport crew but it had a long delay in Panama and I wasn’t up to it so I told them I would wait for the direct flight.  Finally at 1:30 am we made to our hotel.  It was good but they put our whole family in one room even though we had separate reservations.  Oh well.

The next day we get to the airport and we have a gigantic line.  Come to find out that United cancelled the scheduled flight from Sao Paulo to Chicago and just kept our flight.  So they were busy trying to get people from two flights to their destinations.  Simply idiotic.

But we had our seats and got aboard.  But little did we know that the plane wasn’t quite fixed yet.  So we sat there waiting…. When it was finally done we had to wait for air traffic.  So we were delayed a mere 26.5 hours.  That’s a new record.  Thank you United.